The Red seal™ DIFFERENCE

Hi-Low Threads For Fast Strong Driving


Hi-Low threads offer fast driving and strong plank bonding. 

Patented Stick-Tight™ For One-Handed Anti-Wobble Installation


 Stick-Tight™ is a patented drive system featuring Phillips Square Driv®. Stick-Tight allows for 1-handed anti-wobble installation. No longer do you need two hands and an elbow to install screws on a vertical surface! 

Diamond Tip


The diamond tip ensures the screw will drive smoothly into the pre-drilled hole. 

Angel Wings™


The under head Angel Wings™  helps clear debris so that the silicon gasket can have a water-tight fit. 

Under Head Silicon Gasket


The under-head silicon gasket ensures a water-tight fit. 

Complete Kit!


Each kit contains 12 screws, a drill bit, and a patented driver bit. 

Gauges & Sizes

Also available are free-standing merchandisers!